M.F.M Special Request/Customized-Rhinestone Bracelets

M.F.M Special Request/Customized-Rhinestone Bracelets

These bracelets are customized Rhinestone braclets, that are customized to represent what may be special to you. i.e cultural flag, special cause, etc

Feel free to contact me before hand to see what colors are available.

Once a choice has been made, upon ordering indicate the colors and size, if different from the pictures shown.



• Always remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, bathing, or cleaning with household chemicals, especially bleach or ammonia. • Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, makeup, or fragrance prior to putting on your jewelry. • Do not expose your jewelry to water or any form of moisture, and always make sure your plated jewelry is dry prior to storing - moisture leads to natural tarnish.