What The Flip?

Picture it, Sicily 1922…. If you do not know that reference, shame on you. The Golden Girls are everything. It has been a minute since I have written a blog, but I like to keep my people up to date.

For those who personally know me, know that I have always wanted to move out of NYC. I love the convenience of my city, the different cultures, food, and at times the vibe. On the other hand its EXPENSIVE, and gives you the feeling of surviving and not thriving, especially if you have a family.

The blessing came in the form of a job opportunity for my husband. Now before this blessing, we tried to get ourselves in alignment with wanting to move. Meaning, cutting back on certain things such as cable, other expenses, and I’m a coupon, frugal franny kind of person. Saving was not easy with, rent, school fees, bills etc, so loans also helped with this transition. The main important thing was making sure that our credit stayed on track. It took me almost 10 yrs to get my credit to look juicy. Then from my success, helped hubby to get his looking juicy as well. Team work makes the dream work.

It’s so interesting that you can be praying for a certain thing, and when it comes to fruition, you’re like “ Oh S*#!. The idea of moving is awesome, but the work that goes into uprooting 2 children ( age 12, in 8th grade, and 2 yr old) along with my elderly 78 yr old, deaf mom, (which all she knows is NYC after coming from Jamaica), is fricking scary. To know that every decision you make during this life altering journey not only affects you, but others as well. The thought of leaving my sister who I have never been apart from since birth was another blow. Like literally folks, where you see one, you would see the other, despite being 9yrs apart. Being apart from my brother (from another mother) William, was a blow, because it's rare to find someone who is literally the definition of loyalty, and has your back no matter what. I’m going into a whole new space very unfamiliar, and the people who I do know, live nowhere close to me.

Was this transition easy? No the f*&% not. While experiencing some bumps in the road, negative self talk/fear set in. Who am I to be moving to this semi suburban area? Will I be too loud? Will there be others that look like me? Will I live next to a BBQ Becky? How can I get over this stuck feeling? I don’t drive (as yet), which isn't a necessity in NYC and insurance is what??? Say it with me …..EXPENSIVE!

Will my oldest be emotionally okay? How will my mom adjust? How can I transfer things over for my mom medically? Will she be able to mingle in a diverse deaf community like she did before? How can I afford to revamp/re-register my business in a new state? Can we really afford this? How can I make my family comfortable emotionally and physically? Will I meet loyal/trustworthy friends that won't drop me like a hot potato?

Mind you hubby was in our flip state before the rest of us, and would come up to NYC for 2 days on his days off, and go back to our flip state. I was holding down the house, trying to pack and set up certain utilities (among other things), in our new state, and making/shipping out orders for my business.

I’m a huge believer in good energy and didn’t want to make products for my lovely customers while being an emotional roller coaster. I needed to pause, stay prayed up, and execute. That’s why I decided to put a pause on orders. Even doing that, hurt my heart because as a business, who wants to miss out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I prayed about it, and had to make peace that my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday revenue will come in a different season.

I have been here for 3 weeks and I’m still adjusting. I miss having a corner store, but don’t miss the drug dealers or strange characters arguing. I miss hearing my neighbors play soca/reggae during the holidays, but don't miss the noise in my head at 2am. I truly miss real West Indian food. On the days I do not feel like cooking, it was a pleasure to order from Fisherman Cove, Peppa’s on Flatbush etc...This imitation West Indian food is bull crap.

I miss my West Indian population.

I am loving that I can see the moon, from my window without another building blocking my view. I’m surrounded by trees. Folks say “Good Morning”. I’m still trying to get accustomed to this “Yes/No Ma’am” thing.

My kids/mom are enjoying the space and the ability to walk/ play outside without worrying too much worry (although I’m hands on and in this day and age I won’t be letting up any time soon). I am accepting that I do deserve to be in this house after dealing with all types of living conditions.

I am manifesting that my new state will be a huge blessing to myself and my family. I am manifesting solid connections and friendships. I am manifesting that my business will be super successful not only with my products, but makeup clientele as well. I am manifesting that I will come out of my introverted shell, and make a physical impact and a difference in my community. I am manifesting good health for myself and family (especially my mom). I am manifesting more adventures with my family.

Now let’s have some fun. Can you guess my new flip state.

They’re known for seafood, especially crabs (which I’m allergic to *slaps forehead*)

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