Too Dark For Makeup?

A few days ago, a post came out where a woman shared her experience at an ULTA located in New Jersey. If you are unfamiliar, ULTA shares a wide variety of makeup/ beauty products by various brands, along with numerous ranges of shades of foundation. She went to get her makeup done for her baby shower and her experience was very disappointing to say the least. She has a deep skin tone, and was told she was “too dark” to achieve her desired look.

This reminded me of a time years ago (before I became a certified makeup artist), an acquaintance and I went to a makeup counter in Macy’s Herald Square. She urged me to get my makeup done. Although hesitant, I agreed. I sat in the chair, and the artist looked completely puzzled. It was like the wheels in his head were in overdrive, trying to figure out what shade to put on me. After that, he turned into a mad scientist . His hands were going to work applying foundation, blush, lipstick, etc.

After he was done, his co worker came over and you would have thought that he did a masterpiece equivalent to Picasso or Michelangelo. I quickly thought, hmmm maybe he did do a good job after all. He slowly turned me around, and handed me a mirror. To my surprise……...I looked worse than what I imagined. I looked like a damn clown. My foundation was completely off. I looked like ash...literally. I had on bright pink blush.

Listen chocolate beauties. Yes you can wear pink blush, but it has to be in the correct shade, in the pink family. My lipstick was a horrible red. There are also different types of red that are flattering for various skin tones as well.

My acquaintance found this amusing and tried to convince me it wasn’t that bad. What was amusing to her, seemed to justify the myth that maybe there are colors that dark skin girls can't wear. As time went on and becoming more educated with makeup and color theory, we chocolate beauties can slay any damn color we please. No matter what tone you are, there are colors out there to compliment you. Do not be afraid of color.

Let’s chat: Do you have any makeup store/counter horror stories?

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