"Sisters Are You Okay, Brothers Y'all Alright?"

Hello Beautiful People.

It's been such a long time. A fricking lot has happened since we last kept in touch. The past few months/weeks/days have been a hard pill to swallow.

If you are reading this, may God/the Divine continue to bless you with good health and safety. Each day that you get to open your eyes, Is an absolute blessing.

These past few days, my emotions have been all over the place. As I scroll and try to process the information I see, I'm scared, tearing up, praying and taking deep breaths. I'm also still anxious/sad about Ms Rona.

Here are a few (of the many) thoughts, that have been getting to me. The new normal of wearing masks sucks. When I see children who should be playing carefree, being subjected to masks and gloves, it breaks my heart. I can only wonder when my youngest gets older, that she may never recall the days when she was able to go out w/o having her face covered.

At this moment when we go for walks , you can only imagine a toddler's reaction when I tell her that we can't play at the playground right now.

Seeing virtual gaduations take place for seniors who've waited and worked hard to experience a ceremony, being celebrated from a far via family and friends. Let's be clear, I'm not against wearing mask, or virtual graduations. I rather everyone remain healthy and safe, but it is disheartening.

I haven't seen my sister in months. Although we miss each other, (and video chat numerous times a day), I'm nervous about her visiting because our mother is elderly and my kids are young. Im torn between wanting to physically be around her and worrying if it will put the rest of the family at risk.

The weather is finally nice, and I would love to explore my new flip state, but the energy of being so cautious just to go out, has me saying nope ill stay in. I haven't been around strangers in months and even thinking about other people around me, I start to panic a bit.

Being black in America, has never been a walk in the park, but baaayyybbaaayy, America is showing its whole ass. Daily I pray to God and ask the ancestors for extra strength to bear this. I fear for my husband, and my nephew-son. The thought of people harming or not liking my children because of their beautiful brown skin brings tears to my eyes. Lynchings are happening and I'm like WTF????

I don't know why, nor do I like what is happening, but a small part of me understands that this needs to happen. Nothing is new to God and I feel a shift may have been needed to reset and renew. Faith, prayer and journaling is what gets me through most days. MUSIC is a super big help. I make sure to limit my social media, and watch things that make me laugh or takes me to a happy place. "Black Panther and "The Wiz ", have been on repeat.

Please continue make your voices be heard , whatever that may look like to you.

Unplug and reset. What is going on is traumatic. Take some time to tap into source

refuel/replenish yourself with good vibrations.

Support your fellow brother/sister by sharing or buying from their businesses.

Trust and believe that we are resilient. We all need to stick together #allblacklivesmatter. Do your hear me? ALLLLLLL that includes my black LGBTQ+, non binary /gender non conforming peeps.

Stay prayed up and as Kendrick Lamar said

"we gon be alright "

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