Let's Reflect Shall We?

Let’s Reflect Shall We?

Once again the year is coming to a close, and not only is a new year around the corner, but a new fricking decade. This past year has been quite interesting.

From a business aspect, it was horrible. Revenue was not consistent. Folks kept looking for discounts (despite my reasonable prices). There was a shift in my finances, so I couldn’t invest in new inventory/material as I would have liked to. Plus I was moving out of state so I had to be smart on how to invest in my business. When funds are limited, and you are your main financial source, maintaining a business that you have to invest in (especially natural ingredients), is hard. It takes money to make money. Also, no one was booking makeup appointments as well. Being an entrepreneur is not easy.

Despite beating myself up about it, I decided to still try and push to find ways to still promote my business. I stepped out of the box and made creative videos.

Check out my instagram or FB https://www.instagram.com/marienikolebeauty or https://www.facebook.com/marienikolebeautyenhancer%20/ . These videos not only marketed my business, but I got to tap into that darn Performing Arts degree lmao. Being in that creative space was/is a stress reliever for me. I definitely know what I need to improve upon to be more lucrative in my business for 2020.

Personally, it felt a bit lonely. I don’t have many friends, so when it comes to talking out all of my problems, or just having someone around with a different rational point of view, I don’t. All of my decision making, ideas, confusion, problem solving, are resolved by me. However, those times where I was in a bind (of course silently), God knew who to send to cheer me up,or come through for me out of the blue. I decided not to hash on the lost friendships, but figured out how I can be a better friend to the few friends I do have, and open my heart to attract new friendships as well.

This year, I made it my point and duty to try and stay in a positive mental space. I wrote out affirmations. Especially to attract abundance and worry less. I worry entirely too much. Worrying is a form of lack and I’m tired of it. I do mirror affirmations ( that helped tremendously). The first time I looked at myself in the mirror and said “ You Are Good Enough”, I almost cried. I make sure to listen to sermons, pray and meditate.Oh and let’s not forget journaling. It helps me get some of these rapid thoughts out of my head. I also make sure to take my cleansing baths, light candles, and tap into my spiritual guidance counselors if needed, who lets me know to adjust my crown and keep it pushing.

As you all know I moved to a new state. When I first stepped into my home, my prayer was not only for blessings within the home, but may my cupboards and pantry, always be full. My former living space was really stressful. Although I was super grateful for shelter, It was stressful. I couldn’t stock up on food because I may have to fight non human creatures for it later, which would be a waste of money. We all know that when you’re unable to stock up, you’re constantly spending more money at the supermarket. This morning, tears filled my eyes seeing my pantry stocked. Although I was running low, my sis came and helped restock my pantry. She’s no Rockefeller, but when she has, I have and vice versa.

Knowing I’m in a new state, no personal steady income as I try to get my business re-situated, It reminded me of what my bestie told me a while back “ God will not let you starve”. I sometimes revamp it and say “ God will not leave you @$$ed out”!. Yes I put those two words in one sentence because God knows me and my heart, so judge ya mami.

Seriously though, as look back on everything, I’m so grateful. I learned that a delay, is not a set back and my season is coming. 2020 and onward will be amazing in all areas of my life. I claim greatness and I will be courageous and fearlessly victorious. I can't fear what has not happened.

My prayer for all of you is good health, love, joy, prosperity and peace within.

Feel free to share some of your 2020 affirmations/goal with me.

“Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables”.....Habakkuk 2:2

“Writing down affirmations and visions for our future lives not only helps us discover our true desires, it also helps bring them to pass. We hear the statement all the time “I gotta see it to believe it,” the seeing isn’t simply with our eyes, but with our minds as well.”

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