Blessing Blockers

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend, and she mentioned Blessing Blockers. The term resonated with me and I was like Ding, Ding, Ding. At times we wonder why we may feel blighted, stuck, or stagnant. Especially when it seems that your ducks are all in a row. We know our surroundings can have an affect, but maybe it's not you or your environment. It could be a person that you least expect. Take inventory of the people around you. What energy are they giving off. Sometimes their presence alone, can block a blessing that was meant for you. Be around people that will make your energy vibrate higher. Not saying to leave them high and dry, but limit the time and space as far as they are concerned. Although some people need the ties to be severed immediately in one quick swoop. Whoooshhh

Quick Story

Years ago my cousin had a best friend. They were friends for years. Some would call them brothers. They were so close, that you would barely see one without the other. Although this friend appeared "cool", the energy he possessed was a tad off. Not in a manner to wave a red flag, but there was a slight heaviness in the air whenever he came around. During this friendship, my cousin would encounter all sorts of obstacles. What's interesting, is that they would happen days or even moments after being around, or speaking to this friend. In time, the friendship dissipated, after this friend started to show some envious ways. Months after, my cousin started to realized that less mishaps and drama was surrounding him. Yes the usual hiccups in life happened, but it wasn't as constant as before. Goes to show you, that sometimes it's the people in your circle, sending a rippling effect of negative energy. They may seem nice on the outside, but who knows what they are truly thinking/feeling.

Does it hurt to lose people you care about? Heck Yeah, but your destiny is more important, especially when thriving to get to the next level. Not everyone can go with you on your journey. Move on, and cut the emotional chord. Don't let anyone hold you back on a physical or spiritual level. You will be surprised how the two goes hand in hand.

Until next time, sending love and light your way!

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