My 2018 Reflections

Hello Love Bugs,

Can you believe that in a few days, it will be a new year. This year flew by. I would like to share and reflect on a few things that I’ve experienced this year. Also, feel feel to share your 2018 experiences, and hopes for 2019.

I rarely acknowledge my accomplishments whether big or small, but I’m so proud and appreciative as to how much my business has grown. When I started my natural skin care line Oshun Oasis, I honestly went into it blindly lol. When they said it takes money to make money, they were not lying. I just wanted to make products that people would love. I did not take into account all the little details when making products from scratch, and the coast of natural ingredients. It was also hard getting people to buy and trust a name that wasn't familiar to them. Although I made a few bucks lol, it wasn’t as much as I put in. I vowed that 2018 I would hustle to invest more and double what I made in 2017. I did just that! Compared to last year, I have sold over 500 products and went from making a couple hundreds to thousands. My business is still a work in progress, and I am grateful to those that trust me and my brand. Next year, Oshun Oasis will continue to get bigger and better. I’m trying to reach Supa Cent status (make a million in 90 min). Products can be found at

Even my makeup artistry picked up immensely. I suffered from comparing myself to everyone else syndrome, and took a step back from makeup. Earlier this year, I got the urge to come back, but was still uncertain. I prayed and received a sign. As soon as I posted that I’m taking clients again, a few moments later I was booked for the entire month. When in doubt, get still, pray/ meditate, and the answer will come. Once I realized my skill set and my target audience, I no longer stressed and compared myself to other artist. Thank you to my loyal and new clients for trusting me to enhance your beauty.

To book go to or email Feel free to check out my instagram @marienikolebeauty

Personally I struggled a bit. I came to terms that I am not superwoman, and that my mind and body will exit stage left if I don't’ take care of it. Finances became tighter. Keep in mind, that because your business is making money, it doesn’t mean that you make money. It has to go back into the business. Especially if you are just starting out. Also folks feel because you’re married, that finances are easier. HELL TO THE NAW. Its rough as hell for two income families, especially if you have children. Oh and live in NYC. Then my elderly mother’s health became of concern. I take care of my mom, she’s like my baby. So to see her health become shaky, was super scary. Then surgery was the icing on the cake. Sleep deprivation was at an all time high along with panic attacks. I slacked on my eating habits and taking care of my outer appearance. I felt ran down and didn’t feel up to family gatherings or social outings. I felt like an ugly maid honestly.

My faith went into overdrive. Increasing my prayer life and journaling, has been bringing me a peace of mind. Before going to bed, I recite what I am grateful for and thank God and my Celestial team. With prayer and faith, my mom had a successful surgery, and is recovering nicely. I’ve learned to lean on my true prayer warriors to uplift me and family. Not everyone can or should pray for you. There is only a select few that I lean on to do so, and words can't express how much they mean to me. I’ve also learned more about discernment and grace. I’ve had friendships that I thought were forever, diminish without any reconciliation or closure. I wanted to go off the handle so bad, but instead, i have learned to extend grace and still wish them the best. Everything has a season and I’m appreciative to have experience that season with them.

Thanks to my sister, I was blessed to take a time out to travel to Miami. I had so much fun that I was talking about it weeks later, and my daughter was over it lmao. She saw my breakdown and rescued me. Normally I would have declined such a trip, but I recognized that I needed the break and jumped on it. I pray in 2019 that we can go a few more places and that God blesses us with the finances to do so.

Normally when a year is coming to a close, I become a little anxious. However, this year I am more calm. I know supernatural blessing will be happening in 2019. There will be some changes that will seem scary at first, but it is all for the betterment of myself and love one around me. I will continue to stay prayed up and I hope that you do the same. May your new year be filled with love, peace and prosperity. Thank you for reading, and have a Wonderful New Year.

Until next time, sending love and light your way!

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