How I kept my face from Melting in MIAMI

I had the wonderful pleasure of finally taking a mini vacation. It had been seven years since I last traveled. My destination…..MIAMI. This was the first time I have ever been away from my family, but my mental state needed a change of scenery. Quite a few changes occurred during this past year. Balancing family life, being an entrepreneur, taking care of an elderly parent, financial stressors etc. Although I looked composed on the outside, I literally felt crazy and exhausted. My beautiful sister recognized this, and decided we need a sister birthday getaway (Her birthday is in May and mine is in June).

Now the last time I traveled, I wasn’t a huge makeup wearer. Brows and eyeshadow was my thing. This time around I had to slay all day. My main concern wasn’t so much the heat, but will my makeup get through TSA. I kept going over their guidelines and prayed that none of my items would be confiscated. To be on the safe side, I bought a dupe of the Jacklyn Hill eyeshadow palette ( The real one stayed at home), and makeup brushes from Amazon. What ever liquids that I needed, I made sure to transfer to travel size bottles. I do the same for my makeup kit when traveling to clients. Once I got through, it was such a big sigh of relief. One other thing that I was happy to bring along, was a mini ring light. The lighting in the hotel room sucked and mirrors were limited.

Secondly, let me share how I kept my face from melting, during the Miami heat. As soon as I stepped my foot out of the hotel, that heat b*&tch slapped me. It wasn’t stifling like NYC heat, but the sun literally burns lol. Regardless of the heat, I had to look good because in NYC, I’m a regular, schmegular girl *in my Cardi B voice* After my usual facial cleansing, I made sure to prime my face using, Mehron Skin Prep Pro. As a foundation I used Mac Cosmetics Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in NW50. I also used Mac Mineralized Skin Finish powder to set the foundation. Lastly, to seal everything together, I used my holy grail, Blue Marble SeLr Setting Spray.

Our second day we left from breakfast, straight to the beach. I was on the beach in full makeup and it was still intact. I was at a Drag Show (with outside seating) getting my entire life (shoutout to “The Palace”), drinking my life away lol and came back to the hotel with my makeup still slaying. I’m the type of girl that I do not carry makeup items to reapply. I make sure that do my makeup in a way that it stays on. Of course I had to add my Oshun Oasis Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They’re long lasting and smudge proof. They can be found here:

Take some time and enjoy a few pics from my trip. Learn to take some time to yourself and pay attention to your mental health.

Until next time Beauty Peeps, Sending Love & Light your way!

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