Eyeshadow For Beginners

Hello Beauty Peeps.

Today, let’s talk basic eyeshadow application. Now I know with YouTube and Instagram, we see so many beautiful eyeshadow colors, cut creases, wing liners that can go on for days. Realistically the average person doesn’t really have time to create those looks. It takes practice, the knowledge of your eye shape, and what brush to use. Do you need 4 colors on your lid? No, but trust me as you progress, its fun applying different colors.

1: Invest in an eyeshadow primer. Primers make your eyeshadow last longer, by combating oils that may break down the makeup. You can find Primers in your local beauty supply stores, or drug stores. You are going to apply a tip over the entire lid.

The MAJOR KEY, to applying eyeshadow, is BLENDING. Blend for your life!!!!. No one should see where one-color stops/begins.

2: Add a transition color. A transition color can be a neutral matte color that will merge your eye shadow colors together. This color goes above the crease of your eye. Thou shall not take your lid color all the way to your eyebrows. For that you can use a fluffy blending brush.

3: Apply a crease color. Where is your crease? The crease falls right along the socket bone of your eye right above your eyeball. I would suggest a dark matte brown, for beginners. Black can be used, but black eyeshadow can be a headache to correct, if not applied properly. If you have a hooded eye shape, you will take your eyeshadow a little above the crease, so to add depth, put the darker shade at the outer corners of the eyes.

4: Choose your lid color. When applying a shimmery color, brushes where the bristles are packed together, picks up the pigment better. When applying matte colors, a dense fluffy brush should be used.

5: Eyeliner: Defines the eye. It can make the eye look bigger or smaller. It makes the eyes pop. For beginners, I would a suggest a gel liner that can be used with an angled brush. With a gel liner, you have more control, than a liquid eyeliner. If you have a steady hand, then liquid liners should be fine. If you feel uncomfortable with gel/liquid liners, use black eyeshadow with an angled brush.

Remember, makeup doesn’t not have to be difficult. If you don’t like something, wipe it off and try again. Also, HAVE FUN!!! No one starts as a pro. Also here are a few sites that have beginner friendly brushes and eyeshadow:

www.bhcosmetics.com www.coastalscents.com and www.crayoncase.com

If you are in the NYC area and would like one on one classes, or need makeup done for an event, you can contact me at marienikolebeauty@gmail.com (Serious inquires only)

Until next time Beauty Peeps, Sending Love and Light your way

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