Makeup for Warmer Weather

*Sings* “It's getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes”, (turns Mic to the crowd) “I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off”.

Spring has finally come out of retirement, and temperatures are warming up. Time to break out those cute outfits, and sandals. We can’t forget to add a little makeup, right? You must be saying “Oh heck no, it’s too hot for makeup”. If you are, well this post is for you. For us beauty lovers, we want to show off our makeup looks without the fear of our brows melting in the next hour.

Here are a few tips to keep those makeup looks in tact while as the sun beats down.

1. Use an Oil free face wash and moisturizer. Don’t forget to follow up with a toner. A toner helps minimize and unclog pores. They also help remove oil build up in the skin. Witch Hazel is a great toner.

2. Invest in a Primer- A primer allows the makeup to go on smoother and last longer. I love the Rimmel Stay matte primer. For those summer scorchers, I use my Becca Matte Pore Perfecting Primer.

3. Less is More- You can invest in a light weight foundation such as BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer. You can also lessen the pumps on your medium/full coverage foundation. If liquid foundation isn’t your cup of tea, then a powder foundation will work as well. ATTENTION: Keep in mind, one should have a winter foundation and a summer foundation. During the warmer months, your skin has more sun exposure, giving you a slight tan. Therefore, a darker shade is needed.

4. Powders Are Your Friend. Powder makeup controls oil. If you’re using a liquid foundation, use a setting powder. This will set/hold the makeup in place. It gets rid of shine. It can be translucent or tinted, to match your skin tone. Powder Blush adds color to the face, while keeping out the shine.

5. Spray It- Finishing Sprays are like icing on a cake. It prevents your makeup from creasing, smudging or fading. You can choose a spray with a dewy or matte finish. My go to is Skindinavia or Blue Marble Setting Spray.

6. Waterproof Everything- Invest in a waterproof mascara and eyeliner

7. No Melting Brows- My brows tend to perspire. Therefore, I must use a primer on my brows, then apply my pencil or brow pomade. If using a pencil, set your brows with brow powder, followed by a brow gel. I like to use a Brow Pomade when its super-hot. If you are a brow novice, stick with a pencil.

8. Matte it Up- If you sweat above your lips, matte lipstick is your fiend. It won’t smudge as you dab with a tissue. Make sure to exfoliate your lips before wearing matte lipstick. That way, the product has a smooth surface, and won’t settle in cracks.

9. To Glow or Not to Glow- If you have oily skin, then you should try to stay away from using an illuminating highlighter. It will only emphasize the shine. If you must glow, try to be light handed with your application.

10. Touch Up. Carry touch up essentials with you for those day you will be out for a long period of time.

Until next time Beauty Peeps, sending love and light your way.

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