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Transitioning to Natural Hair
Did my own Big Chop
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Let’s Talk Hair.

I’ve always been intrigued by hair products or hairstyles. I remember at the age of five being asked what I wanted to be. I said a superstar and a hairdresser. Before my locs, I would take my time and drop curl my entire head, making sure not a curl was out of place. I’ve done my own sew in weaves, color, relaxer, wigs etc. Don’t get it twisted, I was far from bald headed lol. My hair was relaxed and bra strapped length. In a way I am happy that I locd my hair because hair is costly, and my pockets aren’t about those bundles life.

As time went on, I grew tired of relaxers burning my scalp, and intensifying my scalp psoriasis. I decided to go natural via transitioning. Meaning, instead of doing a Big Chop, let my hair grow out and

I would cut off the perm ends little by little. That did not work. I grew tired of fighting with the two textures in my hair. My impulsive self, took a pair of scissors and started cutting. The next day I immediately ran to the braiding salon, where my braider, who I knew for a while was so shocked. She thought I was having a mental breakdown. A few months later, I decided to loc my hair. Being a new mom at the time, the low maintenance accommodated my schedule. Ten years later, it still does.

Having locs wasn’t the norm in my family. It was all about perms or looking “neat”. They came from that era where locs and natural hair was taboo. With my oldest, I decided to break that train of thought. As her hair gets longer and thicker, wash days have become longer, and it annoys the both of us honestly. I had a quick thought of just throwing a relaxer in, to make it easy for both of us, but what would I be teaching her about the beauty of her coils. It was like her hair was becoming immune to the products I was buying. It was then I decided to make an all-natural hair oil and detangler, to make wash days easier. I also needed an oil that would help keep my psoriasis at bay and retain growth where the flare ups are severe.

The Oshun Oasis Hair oil consists of Castor Oil- has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and works on nourishing the scalp/ strengthening the roots

Apricot Oil- increases the hydration level and reduces dryness.

Avacodo Oil- moisturize, repair, and strengthen your hair

Vitamin E Oil- helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth

Lemongrass Oil- strengthen your hair follicles, soothes an itchy and irritated scalp

Tea Tree Oil- encourages hair growth, combats dandruff and itchy scalp

The Oshun Oasis Detangler consists of Aloe Vera- conditions and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Apricot Oil- Moisturizes and softens hair

Avocado Oil- stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles for growth


When I noticed my baby was experiencing hair loss due to the constant rubbing against sheets and pillows, I used it on her as well. Then I thought to myself how many others suffer from this problem and may be looking for an affordable alternative. That’s when I decided to add it unto my online store. I was nervous at first, because women are so attached to their hair/hair products. We can also be impatient with a product as well. So far, the response has been amazing, the testimonies and seeing results, warms my heart. The demand has been high as well. I can’t wait to improve upon packaging with bigger bottles.

Your hair shouldn’t stress you out. If you lack moisture, you may need to cowash (conditioner washing) more than you shampoo. Going under the dryer is a task, but deep conditioning can prevent damage and improve the texture (get those coils popping). Also take it easy with the clarifying shampoos. Sometimes doing this too often, can strip the natural oils. If you do, follow up with a good conditioner and hair oil.

If products aren’t working, look at your diet as well. You’ll be surprised the things that we put in our body, can affect us. Finally, make water your friend. It helps with hair growth and scalp challenges.

Until next time Beauty Peeps, sending Love and Light your way

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